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United Kingdom
I'm Mr Nutt and I mostly make Let's Plays on YouTube ( and I've got a Blog ( that I totally never bring up. I also occasionally try to edit people into stuff. Why? Because I can... sort of... if you don't mind some rough edges.

Current Residence: A House
MP3 player of choice: Anything that works
Favourite cartoon character: Strong Bad
Personal Quote: Fun Fact™: Fun Facts™ aren't really all that fun!


Years in Temming by mrnutt
Years in Temming
Basically, the reason I came up with this is because  when I made a Temmie cover using a MIDI I found on VGMusic called Polkamania, I was thinking, what do I use as a thumbnail when this is a mix of games? Then I remembered those years in gaming things that showed off the change graphics in a series over the years. Someone liked it and for some reason that inspired me to make a wallpaper version.

TES - Temmie Entertainment System
STES - Super Temmie Entertainment System
GTA - Game Temmie Advanced

The Temmie cover:…
N64 Temmie was made by The Regressor:…
Temcube Temme found here:…
Font: Glitch0
In case anyone actually cares, yes, I removed the "Proud Brit" wallpapers. Why? Because looking back, they were kind of stupid. I could reupload them as a private Imgur gallery if anyone wanted I guess. But yeah, they're gone from here now.
Tem and Jerry Wallpaper by mrnutt
Tem and Jerry Wallpaper
So, why did I make this wallpaper? Basically, I made a thread on the Undertale subreddit with just the album cover I made for a Temmie cover of the Tom & Jerry theme. After seeing it get way more points than I expected (I thought it would get like 3 at most) I felt like making it a wallpaper. I also tried to fix up Jerry's sprite a bit because I took it from a crappy jpeg and it was more obvious when made bigger.

Based on a cover I made for this:…

The original image:
NuttCase Heists v2 Miami by mrnutt
NuttCase Heists v2 Miami
I've made this version of the thumbnail just in case we decide to do the Hotline Miami heist. I also added a VHS effect because it felt appropriate.

Made in GMod
All models can be found in the Workshop
VHS tutorial found here:…
NuttCase Heists v2 by mrnutt
NuttCase Heists v2
Here's a second attempt at making a thumbnail to use for the NuttCase Heists series. It will happen... eventually.

Made with GMod
All models and map can be found in the Workshop


No journal entries yet.

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